Triumph Construction, Inc. Basic Information

Bill Rosenberg has been a licensed general contractor in the state of California since 1985. Triumph Construction, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 and holds a general contractors License # 688865. The California Corporation is owned by Bill Rosenberg. Our specialties are custom residential renovations and new custom homes. We do have substantial experience in commercial construction also. In the performance of our work we primarily focus on construction quality, price competitiveness and dependability, all of which carry equal weight in our opinions.

The Company is structured as a team, which gives us the ability to complete projects in the most efficient and effective manner. We go to great lengths to recruit only great employees that must have good personalities and personal habits as well as multiple trade skills and trustworthiness. Most of the employees that we have now have been with us for many years. We can truly say that we personally like all the people that work for us. We truly enjoy the work we do (our first motto was "we love to build" and we do love it, especially when we get to go back and visit our completed projects and past customers.

Please feel free to contact us either to get an idea of where to begin with the whole construction process, get references for some fantastic Architects and Designers or to have us take a look at your project for an estimate.

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