The Triumph Construction Story

Triumph Construction, Inc. was created with several clear objectives in mind. Being Los Angeles natives we developed a strong connection to the classic and unique architecture here and felt sad when we saw budget buildings going up en masse. Having quality building in our blood, we were determined to create a company that rebuffed the ideas that a contractor had to either deliver mediocre quality or over charge to stay in business. We also proved that it is possible to really like your contractor. Many of our past customers have completed multiple projects with us and have continued to stay in contact with us over the years. We have grown our company cautiously and meticulously with the intention of it operating indefinitely. The quality of each project is extremely important to us and we believe that our reputation has become based on this dedication. One of our greatest rewards is that we have left every one of our customers with homes that they love and rave about.

As the owner of the company Bill Rosenberg has molded the company to become a true team effort, between the office, dedicated supervisors and employees who many have been with Triumph for the past sixteen years. There is a true match and blend between the construction planning and management end of the company with the accomplished and dedicated craftsman who work in the field. In this time when construction costs are growing, the company has managed to find ways of keeping the overall costs down so we can stay very competitive without scrimping on quality. Educated at the University of Colorado in Boulder Colorado, Bill holds a degree in international politics and business. Bill has spent the past Twenty one years in the construction industry, doing everything from house framing to field supervision, running his own development company and then starting Triumph Construction, Inc. Bill has taken his vast knowledge of both the construction industry and business to help pour a strong foundation for Triumph Construction, Inc. We enjoy challenging work and we see every project as a work of art and pay attention to the details that make it so. Because of our expertise in the building trades and attention to details combined with a strong business approach of running projects on time and to optimal efficiency, we feel we have been able to provide a most pleasant experience for our customers and provide them a lifelong love affair with their homes.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our company and hope you enjoy exploring our web site.

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